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2020 Winners Announced!
uganda press photo award
Oct 15, 2020
Location: Kampala, Uganda

We are very proud to announce the winners of the ninth edition of the annual Uganda Press Photo Award (UPPA), as well as the third edition of the East African Photography Award (EAPA), and the fifth edition of the Young Photographer Award (YPA).  

Kuloba Peter Tera’s image ‘Salt Famer' was chosen as the winning photograph of the Uganda Press Photo Award 2020. 

Sarah Waiswa, one of the judges said: “The winning image was the most technically sound and I think for competitions like these, it is an important factor as winning images oftentimes will be emulated. I think it’s super important to support local talent as they are the future. The only way that we tell our stories is by supporting and encouraging them and increasing their capacity and their access to resources. To them I say, master the art of storytelling and what it means to tell a story. Then look for stories in your own communities and tell those stories.” 

 Kuloba Peter Tera is a freelance photographer living in Kampala. Just last year, Peter took first and second place in the People category for UPPA as well as second place in the Daily Life category. This year, he takes home a professional-level Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR along with an EF 24-70mm lens along with other prizes.

 The East African Photography Award which is open to citizens of Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda saw the top prize go to Kenyan documentary photojournalist Gordwin Odhiambo for his story ‘Reinventing and Adapting Through Coronavirus’. Gordwin takes home a Canon EOS RP with a 24-105mm lens and lens adapter. 

 Gerogina Goodwin, one of the long standing judges said: "The winning story covers a current and topical project, one that is affecting us all. It's a story about people and resilience. A positive story, in the face of adversity. Presented confidently, each image has a place in the story, and put in a sequence that makes sense. Altogether these images as a story take us, the audience, on a journey. Local photographers living these experiences are naturally able to have a deeper understanding and access to tell these stories in a way that lets the world hear them better, giving local photographers more exposure will, in turn, encourage more tolerance and understanding around the world. Finally I’m pleased to say that the number and quality of submissions is growing, and quite a few of the stories submitted this year were of thoughtful concepts which shows people are starting to tackle more challenging subjects.”

The UPPA and EAPA 2020 were judged by an international jury composed of photography professionals including Yasuyoshi Chiba (KE/JP), Carielle Doe (LR), Georgina Goodwin (KE), Frédéric Noy (FR), Cynthia Matonhodze (ZIM), Lekgetho Makola (SA), Benjamin Füglister (CH/DE), Sarah Waiswa (UG/KE), Mallory Benedict (US), Uche Okpa-Iroha (NG) and Paul Botes (SA).

The Young Photographer Award is a competition geared towards passionate photographers in the early stages of their careers and working within documentary photography or photojournalism, who would benefit from the tools and support to realise their vision as storytellers. Monica Ahairwebyona  was named as the winner of the fifth edition of the YPA. Monica is an architecture  student at Kyambogo University in Kampala  with an interest in photography. Her portfolio was a careful selection of images examining the effects of continued urbanisation. Monica receives a Canon EOS 77D with 18-55mm lens, as well as an invitation to participate in a seven-month Mentorship Programme, during which she will have the opportunity to develop her project further and exhibit her work during UPPA 2021. 

Edward Echwalu, one of the judges said: “The entries this year were quite exciting. We’ve always grappled with issues around gender since it’s a male dominated field. But we’re seeing more entries by women. While still low, the numbers are slowly increasing. There is a lot of progress since this award kicked off. One of the key issues was the technical abilities and beyond that, the images should catch your attention. The winning entry was quite articulate, both in terms of applying all the basics of photography, and in the general story behind it. As a young photographer, it is important to have an open and inquisitive mind. Photograph as much as you can and with time you develop your craft. And always read as much as possible and do your research. Oftentimes the knowledge in your head is what you transfer to your frame.” 

This year’s edition was judged by Ala Kheir (SD), Anna Kuā‡ma (PL/UG), Edward Echwalu (UG), Juliette Garms (NL) and Katie Simmonds (UK/AE).

Congratulations to all the shortlisted photographers! To see all the winning images follow this link. 

To find out more about the online programme follow this link.

Uganda Press Photo Award

Overall Winner: Kulboa Peter Tera
1st: Abubaker Lubowa
2nd: Alex Esagala
3rd: Stuart Tibaweswa
HM: Delovie Kwagala
Daily Life
1st: Ashaba Alex
2nd: Andrew Kartende
3rd: Richard Sanya
1st: Kuloba Peter Tera
2nd: Ambrose Watanda
HM: Hassan Omar Wamwayi
HM: Evaline Mudondo
1st: Richard Sanya
2nd: Denise Namale
1st: Jonas Rayme
2nd: Doreen Adengo
3rd: Arnold Mugasha

East African Photography Award

1st: Gordwin Odhiambo (KE) for “Reinventing and Adapting Through Coronavirus”
2nd: Kabir Dhanji (KE) for “COVID-19 Quarantine Nairobi”
3rd: Katumba Badru (UG) for “Sleeping at the Market”
HM: Katumba Badru (UG) for “My Trash, Your Trash”
HM: Kabir Dhanji (KE) for “Nairobi DusitD2 Hotel Attack”

Young Photographers Award
1st: Ahairwebyona Monica
2nd: Naibi Turihohabwe
3rd: Kairu Philip Peter
HM: Joshua Victor Semaganda
(HM = honourable mention)


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