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Masterclass with Andrew Esiebo
uganda press photo award
Feb 19, 2021
The Uganda Press Photo Award is hosting a Masterclass with Andrew Esiebo for visual storytellers on February 18th and 19th, 2021.

The masterclass will involve:
1. A portfolio review with Esiebo where participants will get feedback on their existing or ongoing projects.
2. The review will be followed by a day session with Esiebo on how to conceptualize ideas and develop personal projects.

Documentary photographers are invited to apply to participate in the masterclass by:
1. Sharing a link to project(s) that they have already realized.
2. Submit a short description of a project that they intend to work on or are in early stages of. These submissions will form the basis of Andrew’s training on conceptualizing ideas for projects. (400 words max and 10 images if you have any).

Deadline to apply is February 10th, 2021. Submit 

Andrew Esiebo is a Nigerian visual storyteller who started out in photography by chronicling the rapid development of urban Nigeria as well as the country's rich culture and heritage.

Beginning his career as a freelance photographer, his work has covered various social issues such as sexuality, gender politics, football, popular culture, and immigration. He has evolved beyond freelance photography and has begun exploring video and multimedia work.

For any inquiries please email us at


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